Great Commission Family Home of Hope is an orphanage ministry of the Great Commission Church, established in June of 2011, to ensure hope and better life for orphans and needy in Haiti by providing basick needs. These needs are food, shelter, education and spiritual growth. This orphanage is temporarily located @ Mah. 75, # 8 bis Rue thermo, Carrefour Haiti.
 It is our mission to show the love of God by advocating and providing family values and services for children in Haiti.
 Raise and educate orphans and needy in a spiritual environment to become responsible
leaders in their community as well as responsible citizens of the world.

Reason :
Haiti has been the country where misfortunate children are misunderstood,
abused and neglected. Some of them are orphans who lost their parents under mysterious
circumstances. The devastated 7.0 earthquake has worsened the situation and made it a challenge for everyone in Haiti, particularly children.On their endeavor to support, the Celestin family and the Great Commission have provided aid to serveral families in Haiti including orphans and needy children. To be more effective and practical, we have started a program to open homes for orphans and needy children. With 8 children we occasionally support, we opened our first home under the name ofGREAT COMMISSION FAMILY HOME OF HOPE. However, we are providing services now for 14 individuals boys and girls and we have a waiting list that we can't touch yet.
This program is based on Good Samaritan works of all and everyone who are compassionate about children and are willing to invest in their future. Therefore, we are looking for sponsors of all creed, size and social background to provide financial aid and support for the well being of the current effort.
To support or to make a donation please proceed to the donation page and follow the instructions. Also to contact us, please click on the contact button and follow the direction. May this page be useful to you on your endeavor to invest in the life of others.
Great Commission Family Home of Hope, Inc
8 bis Rue Thermo, Carrefour Haiti, WI.
203-725-2366 - 509- 3421-1146
Mailing: 2030 E-Main St. Waterbury CT 06705